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Mystery Shopping

What is it?

It is the most efficient method to evaluate the customer service process, starting from the experience lived by people that have been trained for such an end.

It permits to detect improvement opportunities in the service which would make us different from our competitors.

More satisfied customers imply more loyal customers, which translates into an increase in sales and greater benefits for the company.


Because it takes a long time to gain customers… and barely an instant to lose them.

Because the central motive of the existence of the organizations is customer satisfaction, they are their most important active and their main income source.

Because 9 out of 10 unsatisfied customers do not exteriorize their complaints in the sales point, but they do so with their circles and besides, they never return.

Because the cost of gaining a new customer is five times greater than keeping one.

How does it work?

By performing programmed evaluations in each of the agreed sales or service points.

With a specialized team of service quality auditors – “mystery shoppers” – who visit the locations anonymously with the established frequency and hours to evaluate the defined information.

Based on a Questionnaire tailored for the Client’s needs, the data is analyzed and tabulated, integrated on a report of the stores under study.

Items to Audit
  1. Location image
  2. Quality and presentation of the products
  3. Staff image and labors
  4. Customer service
  5. Cashier Transaction
  6. Other Aspects and/or Areas
Online Result

Our clients can chose to access the Program information online through Internet. Using the most advanced design tools and with the highest security standards, the results can be consulted through the different levels of the Organization with the grade of detail and with the permissions that correspond with each level.

From clustered and consolidated information up to individual audit reports of the Program, passing through the segmentation criteria previously defined in agreement with the Company, all the information is on real time and just one click away for the General Director, the Marketing Manager and the Manager of each store under study.